Re: Swapped IP address bytes.
20-Feb-86 13:16:42-UT


Sorry about the lack of information and probably sad wording in my message.
The 10 is only of local significance and the time was in UT and therefore
off by five hours compared to EST. I had a hard time to type because I got
these messages every 15 seconds, which is not a good excuse but at least some
reason for strangeities in my messages. The reason I was sending it so
broadly was because I noticed before that a few hosts at Cornell started to
do the same about two weeks or so ago. Now that even a host at BBN starts
doing it I wonder whether there is a more general problem (may be with 4.3?).
The mentioned connection requests arrived on a Fuzzball which allowed me to
remap the destination host to UMICH1.ARPA. Then I saw that it was actually
a Telnet request. By the way, I figured that out after I sent the message;
my major reason were the swapped IP bytes and nothing else. Anyway, this
showed me that SRN-VAX.ARPA attempted a telnet (Port #23) request. This means
that there might be another problem, too, since SRN-VAX tried to get a Telnet
connection for over 90 minutes while retrying about every 15 seconds and
always getting net unreachables.

I hope this helps more than my original message. Thank's for checking into
this so far. Please let me know if I can be of more help to figure out what
the problem is.

        -- Hans-Werner

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