Re: [George J. Carre: comments about Bridge Communication's IP bridge.]

Jon Crowcroft (
Wed, 19 Feb 86 10:12:09 GMT

As part of an Alvey project, University College London
have been using Bridge Incs Gs/3 boxes to bridge 5
sites with local ethernets together,
over 64 kbps serial lines.

Each site has 2 bridge boxes, each box with 2 serial line
boards capable of around 200 pkts/sec thruput.

We use our own IP software, rather than bridges since it was'nt
available when we installed the network.

Re their software.

1. The Bridge Inc developement system and kernel is neat for
building network software

2. The serial line driver software is a bit
tacky, but can be made to do what you want. We have to fragment
IP over the serial line down to 576 bytes to get good
performance, but thats standard anyway.

3. Bridge don't do dynamic routing, we do (an IGP + EGP setup)

4. We support most of ICMP, but not all IP options (eg
Redirects, Quenches. Not Source-Route or Route-Record)

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