Re: Tails and Dogs

18 Feb 1986 10:45:24 EST

In response to your message sent 15 Feb 1986 09:58-EST


Mulishly ignoring the opening presented by your first paragraph,
I'll merely observe that it's getting uncanny how your second
paragraphs make just the points I want to.

In the interests of getting on, I choose to infer from your
third paragraph that I must have been wrong in thinking Dave
WAS implicitly advocating Bad Things in the msg that started
me off, and hence will couch my lance until somebody shoves
another windmill into my path. (Rosinante and I are both getting
on enough that it no longer seems worthwhile to cross roads for
windmills, however attractive, but it's certainly beyond our
scope to go around 'em if they're right there--to end with just a
bit of horsing around, as it were.)

cheers, map

P.S. It might be a purist's point, but I do hope everybody
remembers that

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