More EGP musical tables

J. Noel Chiappa (JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Tue 18 Feb 86 03:40:13-EST

        OK, we have run out of a different kind of table resource in the
EGP core gateways. (Yow, am I having *fun* yet?) This time, you don't even
get to be a neighbour; there is no table space for new EGP neighbours.
        This happened to the MIT-AI-GW. It couldn't connect up to the two
core EGP gateways it has been using for months. Since my EGP was refused by
both of the core neighbours in its static 'toehold' table, it was
completely out in the cold; it couldn't even try to shift to an alternate.
(My EGP has all these heurisitics where you can set a 'minimum neighbour
count' and it trys to keep that many neighbours around all the time by
trying to peer with new neighbours its initial neighbours tell it about.)
        I called up the NOC, and they couldn't help, but I did get the info
on which core gateways were running EGP; I tried them all, and after
several failures found that the *last one* had room.

        Does anyone from BBN know why this suddenly happened? Are there
just more EGP gateways out there, using up the table space? Was there an
adverse effect from the release of the memory mapping software? If the
table size cannot be increased, can EGP be put in more core gateways
to spread the load?
        Whatever the reason, this is very disturbing, since hardwired
'bootstrap' information that has been good for months has effectively gone
bad. Bad marks on the 'realiable service' front.


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