Re: Tails and Dogs

14 Feb 1986 14:11:39 EST

In response to your message sent 13 Feb 1986 05:14-EST

Ooops. Realized while suffering through lunch (dental anguish, not
worse than usual provender) that I should have said give the
Gateways an APPROPRIATE analogue to the ready line, since if Source
Quenches and (or?) Redirects worked I'm confident Dave wouldn't
have (inadvertantly?) gotten me started on this tack.

And, since a new msg came in just now: I'll defer to your rejoinder
in re Onions...unless you can't come up with anything better than
IF you know how to deal with them, onions CAN be a tearless way of
adding indispensible flavor to certain recipes.

re-cheers, map

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