TCP/IP for HP-3000

Bob Sutterfield (sutter@ohio-state.ARPA)
Thu, 13 Feb 86 15:02:18 est

We need to connect a VMS VAX (of which I am the System Manager) with a
Hewlett-Packard 3000 series machine (of which the System Manager has no net
access). Minimal service level will be dial-up mail, though the rest would
be nice, too. It seems that our best bet will be to run TCP/IP on both.

I've run QUERY on sri-nic and seen that there are several hosts listed as
being HP-3000s. However, in "sri-nic:<netinfo>tcp-ip-implementations.txt"
there is no mention of a TCP/IP implementation for the HP-3000. Where do I
try next? Any other ideas? Thanks for your help...
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