Re: 4.2bsd routing strategy for multihomed host

Thomas Narten (narten@Purdue.EDU)
12 Feb 86 19:49:34 EST (Wed)

We also have one connection to the Internet, but we have several local
nets as well. We have a dedicated gateway (taliesyn) that is connected
to an ARPANET IMP. We run routed on all our machines, our /etc/gateways
are set up so that the ONLY entry in it is for a default route to
taliesyn. We do this only for all machines that are on the SAME LAN as

All other machines have an empty /etc/gateway's file. They pick up a
default route through one of the machines on the same network as

The nice thing about this is that there are no static routes. The
default route (which you might say is static) is only used as a last
resort. If taliesyn is down, the route is bogus, but you are cut off
from the Internet so it doesn't matter. The other routes that get
exchanged are for the local nets of which there aren't that many.


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