4.2bsd routing strategy for multihomed host

12 Feb 86 03:21:23 PST (Wed)

I had a vax running 4.2bsd BBN TCP/IP on our local ethernet, however
recently it has acquired an ACC and is attached to an IMP also. Well,
today I was looking at our routing tables and playing around with
opening connections from other hosts on other networks, and was
wondering if my current routing strategy is correct.

Since my vax was only on an ethernet, my /etc/gateways file reflects all
the other networks as being relative to our arpanet-ethernet gateway. I
took a look on another vax (lll-crg) to see what its routing tables and
/etc/gateways file look like, and they list all the networks and their
associated gateways. It looked to me as if all the reachable networks
were in their routing tables also. What I did was to make the arpanet
half of the arpanet-ethernet gateway my default gateway, so that when I
don't know how to get somewhere directly, I get a redirect from the
arpanet-half telling me where to go. I don't have very many entries in
my routing tables (perhaps that is because a lot of sites don't connect
to us).

At any rate, I was wondering if my strategy is correct. To me, it seems
that if I can use a smart gateway to tell me where to go, it saves me
the trouble of knowing what all the gateways to the reachable networks
are. However I am not sure about the side-effects of using a smart
gateway -- I have pinged out my gateway on numerous occasions, plus our
IMP (107) occasionally goes out of service and needs to be reloaded.

For the record, the vax is sri-joyce, usually on, and
temporarily on


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