Heterogeneous net

11 FEB 86 16:18:06

At our location we are planning to (finally) install Ethernet which will
connect several machines: 2 vintage VAX-750, a MicroVAX-II, a TI-Explorer,
several SUN systems, as well as a few assorted IBM-PC/XT and ATs. We would like
to be able to access files on other machines, print on the few laser printers
(on the MicroVAX and one SUN), and support remote log-in as much as possible.

We are currently gathering information from various vendors but would
appreciate any words of wisdom or benefits of experience from the rest of the
world. How can the various joys of NFS, TELNET, DECNET, not to mention naked
TCP IP be combined?

Any responses by phone will also be appreciated:

   (408) 446-6553 Ron Chestnut

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