Re: Tails and Dogs

11 Feb 86 13:36 EST

I have yet to hear a solid definition that is not disputed by someone
for the terms "gateway", "router", "repeater" and "bridge". I don't
believe a gateway simply forwards packets nor do I believe the
software in a gateway can be simply stated in a paragraph or less
of writing. This is based on CMU's and the ARPA Internet's crazy
internet and the myriad of different pieces and functions (everything
from 1200 async lines to x.25 virtual circuit lines to satellite
links to multichannel broadband networks).

Anyhow, the issue is not a congestion one. If you look out your window
during rush hour, can you imagine some kinda of congestion control
mechanism that will gracefully deal with the problem? I can't but
trying to stagger network connections is a big help just like
some companies encourage or command employees to show up at
different times to help rush hour traffic. Of course, to certain
degree rush hour traffic is impossible to solve, just like around
CMU we have rush hour printing and mail time at 430 (everyone is
trying to do last minute work they put off all day) and then people
wonder why their mail has not arrived by 5pm.

The concept that a mail delivery system creates a process and
connection for each recipient or each host at the same time has
got to be a burden on the local system if the mail list is huge.
At some point it has to queue things or disaster will strike.

Of course I agree that the gateways should shutdown a connection
if attempts to limit the load fail since that may be the only
way to encourage software builders and maintainers to not abuse
resources. Anyone who does not practice software engineering or
"using current resources with an eye toward the future" and instead
practices the "infinite resource" design concept is going to make
the users real sorry (of course the guy has left by then and is
doing a research project in another company).


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