Re: TCP/IP via X.25 connection to DDN

Barry Leiner (leiner@RIACS.ARPA)
10 Feb 1986 1111-PST (Monday)

Someone from DDN or BBN should respond directly, but let me state what
I believe to be the case.

There are two types of X.25 interface to the Milnet/DDN. The first,
which was put in place first, was called Basic (for some obscure
reason) and the second called Standard. Not sure if those are still the

The Basic interface is an X.25 end to end service, and was put in place
to support hosts that talk only X.25. This is supposed to be a
"temporary" interface, as all hosts are eventually supposed to use

The STandard interface is an X.25 interface to the DDN, on top of which
hosts are to run TCP/IP. My understanding is that, for this interface,
X.25 is terminated in the local imp, and therefore should be
interoperable with other local interfaces, in particular 1822.



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