Re: Ethernet/T1 bridges

J. Noel Chiappa (JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Sun 9 Feb 86 20:53:26-EST

        I will point out to everyone (once again) that bridges have
severe technical disadvantages, especially in a system which is intended
to be connected to the main internet. Now, you should take my words
with a grain of salt, because I have a financial interest in seeing
people use routers (aka 'IP gateways') instead of filtering digital
repeaters ('bridges'), but I was saying this for years before I got
involved with a product.
        I don't want to conduct a technical discussion on this (large)
mailing list; if you don't believe me, retrieve (via anonymous FTP)
the file <JNC>BRIDGES.TXT from MIT-XX; it contains an earlier
discussion on this issue. See <JNC>BRIDGES.LOSE for an example of
a user of bridges losing big.


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