DEC "LANBridge 100"

Alex McKenzie (mckenzie@BBNH.ARPA)
Fri, 7 Feb 86 8:41:00 EST

Someone recently asked about the "Dbridge" and someone else answered that it
was a piece of software. I don't know about that, but thought I'd add that
there is a new DEC product called the "LANBridge 100" which is intended to
interconnect two Ethernets. It learns (or can be told, I think) what Ethernet
addresses are on its side "A". If it sees any Ethernet frames on the Ethernet
on side A whose addresses aren't on this list, it copies the frames to the
Ethernet on its side B. If it sees any Ethernet frames on side B whose
addresses ARE in the list, it copies these to the Ethernet on side A. Thus,
it is at ISO level 2, unlike an Ethernet repeater (a level 1 device) or an IP
gateway (a level 3 device). I thought it might be possible that this device
was intended in the question about the "Dbridge".

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