[jbn@Ford-wdl1.ARPA (John B. Nagle): FORD-SCF1 now under control]

Thu 6 Feb 86 23:54:44-PST

Another varmint bites the dust. Thanks JBN!!!

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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 86 13:51:59 PST
From: jbn@Ford-wdl1.ARPA (John B. Nagle)
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To: MRC@su-score.arpa
Subject: FORD-SCF1 now under control

     The mailer misbehavior at FORD-SCF1 has been taken care of. That
machine had been accidentally set up with the Berkeley trailer kludge enabled,
but the other end of the synchronous link was not set up for trailers,
so little packets got through but big packets didn't. We've also changed
the mailer retry interval from 1 minute to 30 minutes. This should fix
the problem.

                                        John Nagle

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