Mystic words and phrases.

Chris Johnson (JOHNSON%northeastern.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Thu, 6 Feb 86 14:09 EDT


     All languages have a set of common words which most people use in
every day speech. Then there are various subset for technical fields.
Networking is no exception to this. Because or in spite of much use of
certain phrases there also arises abbreviated forms and shortcuts. I'm
usually the first to admit that my ignorance is rife. In this case it's
about time I got some enlightenment. The two specialized terms I am
currently having trouble with are:

         1) EGP and
         2) fuzzball

I think I understand them from much context hunting but am not sure. I
don't have ARPA network stuff here and was wondering if someone out
there in the big wide universe would enlighten me as to the true meaning
of these terms. Please remember that not everyone who listens to this
list is always in tune. It would be nice if now and then and
abbreviation was expanded.

     Thank you.

Chris Johnson
johnson@northeastern (CSNet)
johnson%northeastern@csnet-relay (ARPAnet)

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