Re: Conversations with an Ethernet watcher

Dan Hoey (hoey@nrl-aic.ARPA)
6 Feb 1986 11:31:28 EST (Thu)

    Date: 05-Feb-86 20:50:22-UT


    7. Fairness abusers. Why do some hosts (, among others) open
       multiple parallel SMTP connections to the same host?

Maybe for the same reason they open multiple TELNET connections--when
a user wants to send a message, I see no reason why the system must
queue it until any current traffic to the destination host is past.
Certainly the ability to queue is useful, but hardly required.

Of course, it could just be that they restarted after giving up on a
catatonic SMTP connection, and they couldn't wake up the corpse enough
to kill it.

Dan Hoey

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