6 Feb 1986 00:18:35 EST

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Careful peruse of RFC-904 should reveal an EGP stalwart should in fact report
every network directly reachable from its own autonomous system, which includes
the net common with the core gateway. With that bit, you should not be surprised
if said core gateway hands your net back to you. In fact, DCN-GATEWAY peers
with up to three core gateways and an odd-lot non-core gateway or two sometimes,
but with unspectacular consequences. Turns out, if you believe EGP hop counts
sent by core gateways (i.e. from the same system) hop counts can be compared
and all except the lowest discarded. This, however, is an unadvertised feature
the existence of which could probably be inferred from the tortuous history of
this protocol and the personality of its developers. What else can be said, except
stay tuned for more formal proposals in this area that might even legitimize
this inference. You did not hear me say these words.


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