Submission about TCP/IP under VMS

Pierre L. LAFORGUE (mcvax!imag!pierre@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Wed, 5 Feb 86 19:27:45 -0200

May you think appropriate to post this in your moderated newsgroups?
Thank you very much in advance, if possible.

To insert a VAX/VMS on an Ethernet linking heterogeneous Unix computers,
and later Microvaxes/VMS, we are looking for a TCP-IP software running
under DEC/VMS, and supporting possibly NFS.
We received no response from Wollongong, but a proposition from GEC-Software
(132-135 Long Acre LONDON WC2E9AH G.B. , Tel 01-2407171) which offers
TCP-IP and a gateway with DECNET named "Dbridge". As I saw somebody seeking
vendors of TCP-IP, this information should be usefull to him.
My questions are :

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