Mark Crispin (Crispin@SUMEX-AIM.ARPA)
Tue 4 Feb 86 22:43:09-PST

     Right now, the core gateways claim that FORDNET (128.5) is
unreachable. However, FORD-SCF1 is sending SYN's at SUMEX's SMTP
server at an alarming rate, tying it up so that very little mail
is coming through. Either some dumb gateway is forwarding these
packets from FORDNET, or the DCN-GATEWAY is doing so without telling
the EGP world about it.

     Somebody please stop FORD-SCF1 and/or the gateway.

     By the way, I think it is very antisocial of a mailer to
repeatedly SYN a port for hours. It ought to take no for an answer
and go to sleep for a bit before trying again.

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