TOP Subcommittee's Formed

31 Jan 86 00:21:26 EST

        I am sending a copy of this to the tcp folks as I thought some of them
may be interested. Just received this in the USnail..

To: Top Participants [ of the TOP User's meeting in Seattle in December]
From: Victor Lukasik, Vice Chair of TOP Technical and Test
Subject: TOP Subcommittee's Formed

TOP Executive Committee announces the formation of TOP Technical Subcommittees.
The TOP Technical Subcommittees will address standards for the technical and
office environment. The subcommittees formed are:
                        - TOP Document Exchange
                        - TOP Electronic Mail
                        - TOP Graphics Exchange
                        - TOP Physical Layer
                        - TOP Product Data
                        - TOP Virtual Terminal
All interested vendors and user companies are asked and encouraged to join.
Membership in the TOP technical subcommittee(s) is open to any individual with
an interest to contribute to either defining standards, or equally important,
to provide clear user requirement definitions to the vendor community.

....[for more info, contact Victor Lukasik- phone given below]

The first TOP Technical and Test Review Meeting has been scheduled for
Thursday, February 6, 1986 in Seattle, Washington. These meetings will
primarily be a summation by each of the [..] chairs of work done to date,
and planned work items. All are invited to attend these sessions to receive
a status of current work activities, and have a forum to provide input to the
technical activities of TOP.

[Last paragraph states that these meetings will be the first Thursday of each
month unless there is a MAP/TOP User's meeting in that month and they will
held at that meeting instead....]

If you are interested in this, the subcommittees will be meeting in
Seattle on February 5th (with the exception of the Physical Layer which
will be held January 30 in Austin, Tx.). For more info, contact person

        Physical Layer (Jan 30) -- Arthur Miller (512) 440-2119
        Electronic Mail -- Victor Lukasik (206) 763-5457
        Document Exchange -- Frank Dawson (314) 232-5251
        Product Data Exchange -- Herbert Ryan (314) 234-5161
        Virtual Terminal -- Davis Dowlin (206) 763-5457
        Graphics Exchange -- no chair yet, contact Victor above.


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