tcp/ip implementations

Thu, 30-JAN-1986 22:38 EST

I'm sure this has been asked before, but we are in the middle of trying
to come up with a configuration proposal for our multiple systems, with an
eye towards getting an internet connection. Would people send me directly
their recomendations on tcp/ip packages for the following system types:

IBM 30xx series running VM/SP 3 or 4 and CMS
VAX 7xx and 8xxx series running VMS 4.2
VAX 11/785 running Ultrix 1.1
Vax 11/785 running System V

(I realize that the Ultrix supports tcp/ip.. I was thinking in terms of
enhanced performance packages for that system..)

Our environment is/will be all the Vaxen and some other unix-based workstations
on ethernet. The IBM is not substantially connected. We'd really like to
put an internet connection if we get one on the IBM and one VMS machine.

Any suggestions? Once again, please send them to me.. If there's sufficient
interest I'll summarize and post to the list.


Ron Jarrell
Systems Programming Department
Va Tech

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