more on saps

Thu 30 Jan 86 16:09:08-EST

Thanks to all of you who replied to my original message on this subject.
The whole 802.3/802.2 SAP issue seems like a major can of worms. I find it
amazing that the IEEE and ISO could not come up with a better scheme or at
least a scheme that allows more than 64 assigned SAPs!. I also find it
amazing that the bureaucrats involved do not find ARP important enough to
allocate its own SAP. Apparently the ISO networking world believes that it
is never going to have any address mapping problems (or any other problems
that ARP solves) due to great foresight. Having 64 SAPs available did not
however indicate a lot of foresight.

If this message sounds like a flame then so be it. I think the TCP/IP
community should really push to get a SAP assigned to ARP. This issue seems
like a major non technical stumbling block preventing wider acceptance of
802.3 (at least in this community).


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