alleged TCP/IP controversy in BSD 4.3

Joel West @ CACI (gould9!joel@nosc.ARPA)
Thu, 30 Jan 86 12:19:37 pst

As I recall, last summer BSD 4.3 was just "a few months away".
It's still not out.

David Chandler writes an article in UNIX Review (January 1986, p. 8)
in which he claims to have an answer.

The delay, Chandler writes, was caused by conflicts over the version
of TCP/IP to be included in 4.3. According to Chandler:
        * the 4.2 TCP/IP was BBN code rewritten by UCB;
        * BBN then encouraged people to use an enhanced BBN code
        * DARPA decided only ONE of these would be allowed for 4.3
        * after much vacillation, DARPA chose UCB for political
          and technical reasons.

For more on this, see the mag.

        Joel West CACI, Inc. Federal, La Jolla

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