Re : 802.2

John Leong (leong%ANDREW@PT.CS.CMU.EDU)
Wed, 29 Jan 86 19:30:10 EST

If Tony Lauck's managed to get the SAP extension scheme accepted by
IEEE, I think we should consider adopting it. [ I also dislike variable
length header, but then IP header is also variable (sigh) ] .

 Who in the TCP/IP community will grap a 48 bit SAP for ARP (and one
for trailer protocol, and why not get one also for IP for the extended
format too ....) ????

P.S. : In our IBM token ring implementations, all IP packets are encapsulated
by 802.2 LLC headers. We did not go directly 802.5 interface. (Again,
the SAP number for ARP we used is bogus)

P.P.S. : For general interest, the IBM token ring interface cards for
the IBM PC and the RT is different. The PC uses IBM's own chip set while
the RT's interface is OEM'ed from TI and uses TI's chipset. The RT
version is higher performance and can also be used with the AT (since
the RT has an AT bus). Amazingly, both cards work well together in the
same ring. We run MIT PCIP (and derivatives) in the PC and 4.2 in the

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