Re: Re: 802.3
Tue, 28 Jan 86 20:25:55 EST

The last 802.2 / 802.1 meeting approved Tony Lauck's extension
scheme for SAPs. Basically, if you have a DSAP of 01010101
(10101010 for those of us who think forwards, or AA hex),
then the next 5 (?) bytes of the packet after the SAPs are
an extension of the DSAP. These would be administered just like
the 48-bit addresses. Now we need to find out how to get a 48-bit
DSAP for ARP. Of course, I hate variable length headers, and we
could steal an unadministered DSAP.

I, too, am completely mystified by the use and purpose of SSAPs.
I would not want to jump too quickly at the scheme of stealing it,
as CMU went through the 802.5 interface to the IBM board, rather
than the 802.2 interface. It works, but is it really the
cleanest way to go. IBM may not allow you to demulitplex on
DSAP and SSAP, or may not pass up the SSAP to the network layer.
I bet we need to wait until IBM releases the manuals, which apparently
wont't be until April 1, 1986. (Some definition of first quarter 1986!)

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