Re: 802.3
Tue, 28 Jan 86 12:30:12 EST

I rattled this cage with respect to 802.5 a while ago. Basically,
the regulators of SAP's will not provide another one of the 64
globally-defined SAP's for ARP. Period. If Tony Lauck's scheme
to extend the SAP space to 48 bits goes through 802.1/802.2,
then one of those would be avaiable. What currently is done by
CMU for their PC/IP on the 802.5 board is to just steal
one of the "unadministered" SAP's. Any SAP with the
low two bits 0 is unadministered, and not a broadcast SAP.

What we need to do is wait for IBM to publish which unadministered
SAP's they used for SNA. When that happens, we know which ones
to dodge, and can just use some other one for the time being.

I don't know exactly which SAP CMU used. Do you remember, Drew?

                                        John Shriver

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