Enhancing Wiscnet

Scott Brim (swb@devvax.tn.cornell.edu)
Tue, 28 Jan 86 07:41:40 est

(For those of you who don't know what Wiscnet is: it's the University
of Wisconsin's TCP/IP networking software for IBM systems running

We at Cornell are feeling a strong need to improve Wiscnet's overall
functionality and performance. It's a great start but it's just not
robust enough for heavy use in a production environment. We'd like to
start up a conversation with other sites that use Wiscnet. What are
your plans for fixing bugs? dealing with performance? improving
reliability? adding functionality (like subnetting and ARP)? Wiscnet
is becoming critical to a goodly number of users here. We would like
to share not only lists of problems, but also improvements, with anyone
and everyone, in order to avoid redundant effort. We're also curious
about the levels of commitment and effort going on out there. How many
people are in the position we are, where we absolutely have to do
something about it? Is there anyone considering a total re-write of
Wiscnet (we certainly are!)? If you are not, what levels of
performance, reliability and functionality are you aiming for, and what
are your plans for getting there?

We hope this conversation will end up being highly beneficial to all of
us. Please write,
                                        Thanks ...... Scott

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