Network Time Protocol update
27-Jan-86 04:43:50-UT


Several faithful clockwatchers who desiged and built synchronized clocks based
on the RFC-958 Network Time Protocol (NTP) have suggested revisions and
additions to the specification. An updated copy of RFC-958 incorporating these
suggestions and others on impelmentation techniques is available for ANONYMOUS
FTP in the MILLS directory at ISID and called RFC958.DOC.

Mike Petry kindly pointed out a bug in the Fuzzball NTP servers which was
easily fixed, but might glitz some client implementations that do not follow
the RFC-958 suggestions closely. Specifically, the Fuzzball servers formerly
copied the Originate Timestamp field of the request into the same field of the
reply; however, for correct symmetric-mode operation, they should (and now do)
copy the Transmit Timestamp field into the Originate Timestamp field instead.
If unsymmetric-mode client programs copy the transmit time into all three
timestamp fields of the request, as suggested in RFC-958, this change will be

The following message from Milo Medin shows where updated copies of the Unix
servers now live.


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Dave, I've fixed the code so that things work again. No big deal at all.
You can tell everyone to ftp the code from orion, login anonymous password
foo, and that its in pub/time, as usual. It really was pretty trivial
to fix, so they might just recompile it themselves, but its available
here in any case...


PS What all changes did you make in the fuzzball ntp server? I'd like
to put them into ntpd as well.

PPS Have you had a chance to attack a 4.3 implementation with
a fuzzball and inspect it for glitches? I know UMD has mimsy (I
believe running 4.3) and my machines of course...
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