Re: OMB and ISO

Marshall Rose (mrose%NRTC@USC-ECL.ARPA)
Sat, 25 Jan 86 17:31:14 -0800

    Although it's still in the embryonic stage, some work's being done
    to specify and implement a TCP socket for ISO session. This is
    misleading, actually the approach is to present a Transport-Service
    Access Point (TSAP) to applications which run over TCP/IP
    internetworks. A draft RFC is in the writing and a prototype 4.2BSD
    implementation is running now. Of course, until I can get my hands
    on some real ISO session/presentation/application programs, I really
    can't judge the merits of the approach.

    Along separate lines, I had heard (third hand, sigh) that Berkeley
    was going to be working on ISO stuff for a future release of BSD
    UNIX and that they thought they might try their hand at a TCP/TP4
    gateway as a way of familiarizing themselves with the ISO protocols!
    Now this same third hand source gave me some bum information on
    another topic dealing with Berkeley and networking, so I won't put
    too much faith on it until someone from UCB says something.


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