Re: OMB and ISO

24 Jan 1986 18:29-EST

my opinion, biased as it may be, is that TP-4 is simply part of the
Holy Heptad as you so wonderfully put it. There is no interoperability
between TCP and TP although there has been some work, I believe by
the Canadian Defense Research Establishment, on an on-the-fly conversion
concept. I do not believe this has ever been implemented. John Robinson
at DREO (Def Res Est Ottawa) is the point of contact. An Interoperability
task force, sponsored by ARPA, has taken this up as one of many topics
arising in interoperability of protocol systems. Jon Postel may be
able to point to some on-line material available on the subject.


P.S. as to whether TP-4 is an improvement over TCP, I think one has
to see what the implementation and operational experience with TP-4
is - it has not been implemented and used in nearly as many
circumstances as TCP, so it is rather hard to say. The National
Academy of Science study (RFC942) was more sanguine about the
equivalence of the two protocols than I am, but I supposed I cannot
be considered an unbiased source of opinion!

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