Re: Tp4

John Swanson (swanson@EDN-VAX.ARPA)
Fri, 24 Jan 86 14:09:08 est

The ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 was designed to provide services
similar to TCP i.e. a reliable transport medium, it does not provide
an intranet service (ISO has its own IP). The TP4 services are similar
with notable execptions. TP4 offers a true out-of-band signaling
capability which can only simulated in TCP. However, TP4 does not have
the ability to do graceful close, so that an Application that would
need to have that capbility would have to incorperate that function
above TP4.
The protocols are not similar and therefore a conversion will
be necessary. Hoever, the real question is once one goes to
TP4 what does that buy you. Is the OMB going to require/suggest that
the rest of the ISO suite also be adopted or are we going to be
running FTP over TP4?

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