Re: 1200 baud links

Gary Delp (delp@huey.udel.EDU)
Thu, 23 Jan 86 16:27:43 -0500

>> RFC914 discusses various means of using TCP/IP over "thin"
>> transmission lines, doing thing along the lines that others
>> have suggested (only sending changed header bytes, etc).
>> It was written by dave Farber and some others...

        The others were Gary Delp and Tom Conte. Hard copies are
available upon request.

        An alternative to header compression is discussed at the end
of the RFC. In the paper it is called thinwire III, but as the header
compression gives at best 2:1 IP level compression, we have abandoned
thinwires I, and II, and are continuing this work with thinwire II as
the only thinwire. (confusing enough?)

         In some instances, the linking of machines at the IP level is
not what is desired. When only "tcp user services" are needed, using
a gateway which provideds the tcp/ip/udp processing on the fast side
of the 1200 baud baud link is not only sufficient, it is *much*

        We are putting together a gateway which provides these
services to dialup clients. Maybe TCP/UDP connection server would be
a more accurate title.


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