Re: 1200 baud links

21 Jan 1986 18:01:06 EST

In response to the message sent Mon, 20 Jan 86 22:10:34 est from romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU

John & Co.,

Interestingly enough, our ubiquitous Fuzzballs support your IBM PC
protocol for the same reason - to provide a handy-dandy way to access the
Internet from random spots, including 1200-bps packet-radio channels. In point
of fact, we haven't tamed the PC timeouts to deal properly with radio
channel congestion, but they work fine with direct serial connection at speeds
as low as 1200 bps. Each "PC gateway" module is implemented as a single-line
device driver with configured IP address.

Having said that, you should not construe my pragmatics as endorsing the
serial protocol itself for proliferated use.


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