NASA ARC Code ED (medin@orion.ARPA)
21 Jan 86 11:49:49 PST (Tue)

A friend of mine here at Ames met with a representative of OMB (Office
of Management and Budget) last week while I was in USENIX, and was told
that OMB is drafting a requirement that all computers bought by
the Federal Government (including DoD) will be required to speak
the "ISO" protocol (meaning TP-4 etc...). He said it should be
out in the next couple of months. The idea is apparently to save bunches
of money by forcing everyone to use 1 communications protocol. Has anyone
else heard about this? This could be a VERY bad thing. Also, the
vendors that OMB were talking to were very reluctant to start working
on the ISO stuff right now, and OMB wanted to encourage them to start doing
so quickly.

                                                Milo Medin
                                                NASA Ames Research Center

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