IBMPC-based implementations

John Romkey (romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Mon, 20 Jan 86 22:34:21 est

> From: hplabs!hplsla!tikal! (Tom Anderson)
> I have used the MIT PC/IP package with some degree of success. I have
> largely quit using it, however, in favor of serial protocols like Kermit
> because of various problems like:
> 1. Can't upload a file unless it already exists.
> 2. Can't upload a file unless it is accessible by everyone.
> 3. Occasional bit errors.
> What I would really like is rcp, rsh, and rlogin on a PC. Let me
> know if you find such.

Thanks to Barry Shein who already pointed out that most of these are
just problems with TFTP itself. Actually, there shouldn't ever be bit
errors; if you have a reproducable problem with PC/IP's TFTP where
files get corrupted, let me know and I'll try to fix it. Maybe you
were TFTP'ing with a 4.2 machine? 4.2 as shipped had *lots* of
problems with TFTP and UDP checksums that might have caused bit errors.

Having a real FTP would also solve your problems, and I know somewhere
where you'll be able to get that, rcp, rsh and rlogin for the PC
"soon". Some of the original authors of PC/IP have formed a company
that will be commercially selling and supporting an "enhanced" (read:
"lots of bugs fixed and some new programs") version of PC/IP. If you
want more information, get in touch with them. The company's address
        FTP Software, Inc.
        PO Box 150
        Kendall Square Branch
        Boston, MA 02142

Not sure of the phone number right now. Please forgive them if they're
slow in responding to requests for information right now; they
(honestly, *we*) are just getting organized now. If there's enough
interest, I'll post a message describing what is supported in FTP
Software's version of PC/IP (if you want to know, mail directly to
me...), but I'd rather not right now 'less it be misconstrued as
                                - John Romkey

Disclaimer: I *am* strongly associated with FTP Software, so anything I
say is quite prejudiced...

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