Re: 1200 baud links

20-Jan-86 16:35:49-PST

     I have tried IP/TCP over a 1200 baud link. I advise against it. It
can be made to work, if all hosts and gateways using the path are
very well-behaved. If my previously-posted fixes are put into 4.3BSD,
it may indeed work between two 4.3BSD sites. General attachment to
the Internet will definitely NOT work.
     Operation at 9600 baud is quite workable, and we've been doing it for
years. We still have trouble with bad host implementations, but we talk
routinely, using FTP, TELNET, and SMTP, to many Internet sites, over a
path with three concatenated 9600 baud links.
     As dial-up modems approach 9600 baud and TCP/IP implementations for
PCs become available, dial-up Internet service may start to appear. Anybody
thinking seriously about this yet? Clearly there are naming and addressing
problems, but I think that the congestion problem can be managed. See RFC970
for details.

                                        John Nagle

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