Re: IP over synchronous links

19 Jan 1986 16:06:56 EST

In response to the message sent Fri 17 Jan 86 07:05:22-MST from MRC@SIMTEL20.ARPA


I know of several ad-hoc synchronous gizmos used to pipe IP grams from one
host/gateway to another, including one suggested in RFC-892 which has been used
for several years around here. However, we have found DDCMP most popular, primarily
because DMA hardware is readily available for the PDP11 (DMV11 for the Q bus).
The U Michigan folk also have a nifty interface board for the Q bus that runs
LAPB. I suspect several other folk have done similar things.

TCP/IP is completely reasonable with most (but not all) implementations known
to me at 1200 bps. In fact, I have used these protocols over amateur AX.25
packet-radio links at 1200 bps when one packet in four died. However, some
famous TCP implementations croak dismally via such paths, especially when the
implementor has not read RFC-889.


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