IP over synchronous links

Mark Crispin (MRC@SIMTEL20.ARPA)
Fri 17 Jan 86 07:05:22-MST

I too am interested in this. I have a 2020 with a KMC11/DUP11 (a.k.a.
KDP or DN20-BA) low-speed synchronous interface. I think the KMC11
microcode does some DDCMP handling; I don't have sources for it. So I
guess the real question is if there is a de facto standard for IP over
a KDP that is nominally microcoded for DECnet?

Has anybody successfully used TCP/IP over a 1200 baud link? Is it at
all effective at such a low speed? I already have TELNET and reliable
file transfer and mail connectivity with "Dialnet" and various tools
(e.g. Kermit). I'm somewhat worried that TCP/IP at such a slow speed
would introduce enough overhead to reduce my connectivity over "Dialnet",
in which case I might want to hold off until I get a faster modem.

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