Re: Getting info to non-arpanauts

Brian Kantor (sdcsvax!
Thu, 16 Jan 86 15:52:10 PST

A year or two ago I posted copies of the IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, TELNET, and
FTP RFCs, as well as a few other ones like RFC822, to the USENET
net.sources group (which is where big things like that get posted).

It may be time to do that again. I'll confer with the moderator of the
USENET mod.sources group to see what he thinks, and if he approves, this
will be a reasonable way to spread the gospel.

Wouldn't be too bad an idea if Berkeley would include some of these with
their distribution tape either. They already send RFC822 (I think) with
it so people will understand the 'sendmail' program better.

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