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Subject: Re: Bits, Bauds and Hz
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Posted: Tue Jan 14 23:25:00 1986
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about light pipes - recent reports indicate that it is feasible to
modulate light by heterodyning as in radio carriers. This is an
analog method (as opposed to baseband on/off signalling) which permits
much better signal to noise ratios, longer distances between repeaters,
and increased total bandwidth usable in a single mode fiber which
might otherwise have to use wavelength multiplexing to achieve increased
capacity with multiple channels each running in digital on/off mode.


P.S. as for 24 telephone channels on the 1.544 Mbps T1, there are
commercial compression systems out (one made by Paul Baran!) which
will put up to 96 voice channels on a single 1.544 mbps T1 link.

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