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Subject: Short course on DDN to be avoided
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Date: Tue, 14-Jan-86 17:49:51 EST
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Posted: Tue Jan 14 17:49:51 1986
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     Computerworld this week has an article about the DoD protocol
standards. It contains such gems as

    ``DOD-issued protocol standards include the following:

    [Sections on IP, TCP, FTP, SMTP deleted. JN]

    * Telenet. A terminal-handling program, GTE Telenet Communications
      Corp.'s Telenet was designed primarily to handle simple asynchronous
      terminals but will also support synchronous terminal traffic.''

                                        CW, 13JAN86, p. 19

The author of the article, William Stallings (some DC-area consultant) is
suppposedly conducting a seminar on this at the University of Maryland on

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