Re: SYN with a window size of zero

16 Jan 1986 21:44-EST


since one could not successfully "open" a connection without
getting the matching SYN-ACK, it seems appropriate for the
recipient of such a packet to respond, despite the apparent
violation. As you know, it is allowed to send at least one
octet into a closed (0) window to assure that when it
opens you hear that. The SYN can safely elicit an ACK without
opening the window any further.

Depending on the implementation, some systems don't apply the
window size until AFTER the connection has reached the OPEN state
which it cannot get to without first exchanging SYN-ACKs.

Jon Postel will undoubtedly have a reference to page xx para gg
and sugestion to look in one of Dave Clark's marvelous
tutorial sections...

Vint Cerf

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