Re: IBMPC-based implementations

Tom Anderson (hplabs!hplsla!tikal!
Thu, 16 Jan 86 12:28:19 pst

In article <860114072549.207020@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA> you write:
>Anyone have any experience with TCP/IP implementations for IBM-PCs (and
>compatibles)? If there is sufficient response, I will summarize them
>for the distribution.

I have used the MIT PC/IP package with some degree of success. I have
largely quit using it, however, in favor of serial protocols like Kermit
because of various problems like:

        1. Can't upload a file unless it already exists.
        2. Can't upload a file unless it is accessible by everyone.
        3. Occasional bit errors.

What I would really like is rcp, rsh, and rlogin on a PC. Let me
know if you find such.


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