Excelan tcp-ip on VMS

Drew D. Perkins (DP4Q@TE.CC.CMU.EDU)
Thu 16 Jan 86 18:16:27-EST

We're thinking about getting a few of the Excelan TCP/IP boards/software
for our 11/780's running VMS. I remember a few problems mentioned about
their products before, but don't have that mail to refer back to now.
What are peoples experiences with Excelan, and mostly with the current
revision of their software EXOS 8043 3.2? Also, are there any archives
of tcp-ip mail around?

On another note, by this summer everyone at CMU will have the capability
of having a dedicated 56k bps link from their homes back to CMU, if they
live in one of the surrounding areas nearby. This service is going to
be provided cheaply by the local telephone company. We'd like to be able
use these links to extend our IP network from campus to users workstations
at home. Is there any standard for IP communications over synchronous
links? Does anyone know of a company that makes boards (preferable multibus)
that have 8 or so syncronous links that go this speed? Hopefully the board
should be capable of sending and receiving packets at a time in order for
the gateway to handle the traffic. Something on the order of a Zilog SCC
chip per link. Is anything like this being done anywhere else?


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