Getting info to non-arpanauts

Geoffrey H. Cooper (geof@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 15 Jan 86 16:59:47 est

Noel Chiappa expressed a concern about getting information to non-arpanet
subscribers about current ideas from the mainstream tcp world. I think
that his idea of using usenet is a great one. The TCP-IP list is
carried on usenet as mod.protocols.tcp-ip. I don't know exactly how
this forwarding is set up (since mod.... means that it is supposed to be
a moderated list, and I didn't think that the arpanet one was moderated),
but it would be a great boon to those of us who mostly (or entirely) rely
on UUCP links if RFC's were automatically fed down the pipe. We might
avoid sending very long ones (>60 pages or so) for evfficiency reasons.

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- Geof Cooper

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