Janne Andersson (enea!erix!janne@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Tue, 14 Jan 86 10:43:37 -0100

Please post the following to the net:

Hello out there, we have ordered an IBM DACU to be used as a
Gateway between our ethernet LAN and IBM (VM/CMS).

The DACU and the VM/CMS program package supports FTP, TELNET and SMTP.
I have following questions:

  o Does anyone have any experience in using the DACU as a Gateway
     to UNIX.

  o We are also looking for a 3270 emulator to be used in combination
     with telnet.

Thanks in advace,

        Jan Andersson Jan Andersson janne@erix.UUCP
        Ericsson Telecom (...!seismo!enea!erix!janne)

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