Re: Wollongoing subnet support (sic)

Rick Watson (rick@ngp.UTEXAS.EDU)
Mon, 13 Jan 86 18:24:50 cst

After MUCH telephoning to TWG, I finally talked to John Caughy (spelling?)
who I think is the TCP/IP product Project Manager. (415/962-7177).
He said that neither subnets or name servers will be in the March
release, but that the September (86) release would be based on
4.3 BSD. I got the idea that they are not interested in doing much
more development on TCP/IP and from their end, they saw little interest
in subnets. They were not even interested in our doing the work for them.

Disclaimer: The above is from brief notes I made during our phone conversation
of a couple of months ago.

Does anyone know of a GOOD TCP/IP (well supported, etc) product for VMS?
Anyone interested in a public domain (or othersise) TCP/IP for VMS effort?

Rick Watson
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