Wollongoing subnet support (sic)

J. Noel Chiappa (JNC@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Mon, 13 Jan 86 17:21:03 EST

        I am visiting some network people at NASA Ames and they are
discussing switching to using subnets for the IP installation.
Apparently one of the main stumbling blocks is the fact that the
Wollongoing software does not support subnets, and they are not
getting much satisfaction from Wollongong on finding out if and when
Wollongong will ever getting around to supporting subnets. As one
of the people who originated the subnet change to the architecture,
I was interested in finding out how it is doing, and in talking
to manufacturers who are being slow in installing it.
        The experience they report (which was duplicated when I tried
to contact someone at Wollongong) is that the people you get when you
call up don't know anything (which you sort of expect), and, moreover,
you can't get ahold of anyone who does know anything. I asked to speak
to someone in engineering to ask about the subnet support issues, and
got shunted to a software support person who wanted to know my license
number and wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't the 'contact point'
for the license number I ws prepared to give her. I gave up on her and
called back and asked to speak to the VP of Engineering or some such
person, and was informed that everyone was 'out to lunch'.
        Does anyone know if Wollongong is ever going to make any
effort to keeping up with the changes in the IP spec? They certainly
don't meet it now, and, from what I understand, don't seem to really
care that they don't. In addition, they have one of the worst
attitudes to people who call in that I have ever heard. I would
recommend that people not deal with such an organization.


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