Connecting two VAXes via DMR-11 with TCP/IP

Fri, 10 Jan 86 10:33:58 GMT

Help needed!

We have connected two VAX 11/780 via DMR-11 with TCP/IP-Protocol.
One of them is running ULTRIX-32 V1.0, the other one Berkeley 4.2 bsd.
After changing ULTRIX 1.0 to 1.1 the connection doesn't run
any longer, each call with telnet or rlogin times out. Now DEC sais,
ULTRIX 1.1 needs Berkeley 4.3 to connect via DMR-11. Does anybody
have similar experiences? Does anywhere a running connection ULTRIX 1.1
with Berkeley 4.3 exist? Is there a way to connect ULTRIX 1.1 with
Berkeley 4.2? Does this type of connection run anywhere?

Thanks in advance!

Wilhelm Methfessel
Siemens AG, Munich

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