Data General AOS/VS TCP-IP

Thu 9 Jan 86 18:41:27-PST

We have DG's TCP/IP since a year; also had the pleasure to beta-test it.

It is derived from an early 4.2 version and runs as a separate user process;
it is not integrated into the kernel and does not depend on the System III
emulator for AOS/VS DG sells as well.

The have pruned out all UDP code and quite a few features from FTP and Telnet
as well. Server Telnet functionality is severely limited as it treats all
virtual consoles as 'hardcopy' devices which means that one is restricted to
line-mode editing. The Unix emulator commands also won't run with Telnet login.
Therefore, Telnet login is practically unused. The DG people promised lots of
improvements and fixes, but I've seen few so far.

There is a native 4.2 for Eclipse machines as well which has nothing to do
with the above mentioned product.

- michael

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